06 February 2012

The Idle Buildings of St Idloes

Llanidloes is the first town on the River Severn, named for St Idloes, to whom the parish church is dedicated. A market charter was granted in 1289, but the town is at least four centuries older.  

There are a number of fine buildings, notably the Market Hall, but the town was famous for its surrounding lead and silver mines. The Llanidloes and Newtown Railway built a grand station here in 1864. When the L&NR was incorporated into Cambrian Railways, the line linked through to Cardiff, and was used extensively to move metal ores.

The end came in 1962 as part of the cuts recommended by Dr Richard Beeching. A number of railway buildings remain, a few now in use as the workshops and warehouses of a furniture upholstery business.


abijsmith said...

I am extremely impressed that you managed to capture colour in this part of the world - many buildings have a de-saturated quality, due to the rain and moisture in the air. I hope you didn't cheat with Photoshop or filters!

YMGW said...

Filters are legitimate, Photoshop isn't, but neither used.

Anonymous said...

The buildings you have captured are of local interest but were actually part of the Foundry which operated alongside the Railway.(AS A Grade II listed building it's currently undergoing renovation) All the Railway outbuildings have long since been demolished. The Station building itself now stands sentinel over the A470 which runs on the path of the original tracks.

YMGW said...

Thank-you Anonymous - your correction is very much appreciated.