28 February 2012

Chirk Castle - Aged Oak

There grewe an aged tree on the greene,
A goodly Oake sometime had it bene,

With armes full strong and largely displayd,
But of their leaues they were disarayde:

The bodie bigge, and mightely pight,
Throughly rooted, and of wonderous hight:

Whilome had bene the king of the field,
And mochell mast to the husband did yielde,


And with his nuts larded many swine.
But now the gray mosse marred his rine,

His bared boughs were beaten with stormes,
His toppe was bald, and wasted with wormes, 

His honor decayed, his braunches sere.

Edmund Spenser, 1597: The Shepheardes Calendar - Februarie.

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