29 January 2012

Eden Minns

Eden Minns, an architect by training, designed furniture for Gordon Russell Ltd, of Broadway, Worcestershire. Between 1936 and 1939 he worked for Richard Russell of London, designing cabinets for Murphy, with whom he later took up the position of Head of Cabinet Design. The AD94 of 1940, its housing designed by Minns, was Murphy's first Bakelite cabinet, pressed by De La Rue, of banknote fame. 

Because this AC/DC superheterodyne table set was produced during WWII, it did not have long wave tuning. In 1945, when Droitwich's long wave transmissions were reinstated, the set was reissued as the SAD94S, with medium and short waves, and the SAD94L, with medium and long waves (photographed prior to cleaning). It cost £12 15s 0d, plus purchase tax, in excess of £450 at 2012 prices, a major purchase at a time when disposable income was so much less.

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abijsmith said...

This superheterodyne is begging to play AC/DC...