14 April 2013

White Nancy

Built by John Gaskell in 1817 atop the Saddle of Kerridge, above Bollington, Cheshire, White Nancy is a rendered sandstone rubble folly that commemorates the Battle of Waterloo. There was originally an entrance, to a single room in which perimeter stone benches were ranged about a round stone table in the centre; but the doorway is now blocked. Grade II listed, the folly, about 18 feet tall, is reputedly named after the principal horse used to haul the building materials to the site. However, its colour must play a part in its name: the folly was not painted until about 1925, since when it has generally been white.

1 comment:

Annette said...

Great photo of an interesting folly. What a shame it's been royally vandalized. Not very sporting.