20 April 2013

Cambrian Heritage Railways - Diesel, Petrol & Tar

Cambrian Heritage Railways each year runs a transport festival in Oswestry. Among the commercial vehicles on display were a 1962 ERF (Edwin Richard Foden) KV and a 1954 Fordson Thames ET6.

At the other end of the size scale was a Paul Smith special edition Mini, registration P5 MNY. Just 300 were made for the UK, from 1998, all in Paul Smith Blue. The one on show tows a fold-down camper trailer, fitted out to match the car.

A 1961 Leyland Tiger Cub bus, ex Trent Buses, now in Tanat Valley colours, ran from Oswestry to Cambrian Heritage Railways' site at Llynclys.

At this last the new-built station and platform has been decorated with vintage enamel signs. One such is clearly from, depending upon one's view, an age either more innocent, or more misleading, or perhaps both.

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abijsmith said...

I love these photographs - they are coffee-table book worthy!