07 August 2011

Welsh Banger Racing

On the floodplain of the River Vyrnwy at Meifod, Bron-Y-Maen Farm plays annual host to charity banger racing. There are a number of races, including non-contact, contact and a final demolition derby; and the event moves along at a good pace, with stranded cars quickly moved out of the way by tractors.

The little circuit, roughly marked out with the occasional large tyre, sees some pretty competitive action. It's sad, though, that many spectators seemed most interested in the possibility of a driver who had to be cut out of his car being seriously injured. Thankfully, he was reported to have only broken ribs and clavicle.

Just one complaint: parochialism. Commentator: "All the money raised goes to the air ambulance and local charities, not to some country the other side of the world that you can't even pronounce." A bit rich, with places such as Llangyniew nearby.

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