19 August 2011

Reclamation Yard

North Shropshire Reclamation Ltd, at Wackley near Burlton, north of Shrewsbury, is a cornucopia of reclaimed and antique items, in fantastic profusion.

Doors, windows, and stained glass. Special bricks, terracotta decorative pieces, and complete stone architraves.

Phone boxes, enamel signs, and vintage agricultural equipment. Sinks, baths, and toilets. Iron gutters, hoppers, and drainpipes.

Fireplaces, surrounds, and chimney pots. Doorknobs, locks, and taps. Benches, fountains, and statues.

Beams, panels, and pews. Troughs, slates, and cast iron staircases. Artillery wheels, gargoyles, and wall tiles.

Cartwheels, wagons, and ploughs. Victorian radiators, floor tiles, and lighting. Wall ties, balustrades, and cornices.

If you are looking for something required for a restoration, or simply to provide a 'talking point,' you will find it here. It's also a Mecca for those attracted by pattern.

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abijsmith said...

I'd like to see these photographs on a grey background, rather than the black, which might (for me) be too intense. They are excellent, quite abstracted!