09 May 2011


The 33rd Sandwell Historic Vehicle Show turned up an excellent mixture of classic cars, including the space-age Chevrolet Special pictured above, buses, commercial vehicles, and motorcycles, alongside the usual colourful trappings of the fayre variety.

Guy Motors was founded in Wolverhampton in 1914 by Sydney Guy, who ran the business for 43 years. The company, famous for its buses and trucks, was bought out by Jaguar in 1961, and continued until 1982. The Red Indian mascot originated from an advert of 1924, "Feathers in our cap", which celebrated Guy successes. The feathers of the advert reminded people of a head-dress, and the mascot was born.

The Morris Six was, at the name implies, a six-cylinder, manufactured between 1948 and 1953. The one on show was used as a Chief Constable's car - all bells and whistles!

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