18 October 2010

Return to GBZ

The various buildings of Criggion Radio Station (YMGW passim) have recently been boarded-up again. Less and less is left in them to indicate their 'secret' history and function. The medium wave (high frequency) transmitter building, pictured, is now in a particularly poor state, all the cabling having been ripped out for scrap. Back in the days of LPs, when artwork still mattered, one could have shot a fine album cover here.

On the way, parked up on a corner and for sale, is a 1928 Austin Heavy 12/4, complete with artillery wheels. The 12/4 was introduced in 1921 as a four-seat tourer. Other body styles followed, and the car was still being produced in 1939, as a taxi - it is from an empty one of these that one can imagine Attlee stepping. The "Heavy" designation was used retrospectively, in the 1930s, to destinguish the car from Austin's newer 12hp models. YV 2703 was originally a saloon, but has during its life also been a pick-up. It was converted to a coupĂ© in the early 1980s.

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abijsmith said...

Wonderful studio space - I can already see Banksy in there!