31 October 2010

Calcott Hall: Too Late to Save?

A walk along stretches of Offa's Dyke Path and the Severn Way between Four Crosses, Llandrinio, Haughton and Domgay takes one past the Grade II listed but sadly derelict Calcott Hall. This is a magnificent three storey pile of about 1725, once surmounted by an octagonal lantern, now collapsed. It features in SAVE's Buildings at Risk register. To judge by the various documents lying around inside, the hall was abandoned sometime in the 1970s, most probably upon the death of its owner. Given time and extensive funds, the house and its numerous outbuildings could be glorious. It would be wonderful to be in a position to restore it.


Anonymous said...

This place looks gorgeous, I would love to able to afford to restore this.

Anonymous said...

The owner of the property isn't dead, just in a home