10 April 2010

Two Stroke Sir?

In Strensham, Worcestershire, is the Grade II Elizabethan rectory of Peter and Rosemary Read, who run Old Rectory Retreats. Don't miss a trip on the Narnia II, a 30 foot narrow-boat moored at the foot of the gardens. This Beckmeter Multi Mix mobile pump, designed to deliver various ratios of mixed petrol and oil, was recovered from one of the Old Rectory's outbuildings.

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RLT said...

Funny you should find one of these - I was talking with a pal about them the other day. Wondering how accurate the mix was - for example did you get what was left in the pipe by the last guy before your selection kicked in? Reminds me of my Vespa and Lambretta days - nostalgia is not what it used to be!