10 April 2010

Bond Bryan at Broxbourne

Bond Bryan, the Sheffield-based architects, designed the fantastic new buildings of Hertford Regional College at both the Ware and Broxbourne sites, a £41m project in total. Whilst the final phase of the staged development at Ware has been affected by the LSC's financial difficulties, the Broxbourne site is virtually complete, with just landscaping works to finish. The buildings were handed over as operationally ready earlier this year.

The design is bold and confident, a central atrium flooded with light and providing a real sense of space. But it is also, critically, led by student need, rather than by egoism and self-aggrandisement. One feels energised here. The facilities include JetBlueAir, a 18-seat aeroplane cabin complete with lockers and PA system from real aircraft; a restaurant in the atrium; dance, TV and recording studios; music practice suites and a 140-seat theatre; and a fully-equipped gym.

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abijsmith said...

Very light and airy - similar to the feel within Herefordshire College! Love it. Also Matthew Boulton has the same 'feeling' about it. I saw lots of similar buildings when in America - see: http://shadowingamerica.blogspot.com/