08 April 2018

April Fools' Car Show 2018

The sixth running of the April Fools' Car Show was held at Whittington Castle. The castle, portions of which date from the twelfth century, is the only one in Britain cared for and operated by a private trust of volunteers. The event, sponsored by Oswestry Classic Car Garage, hosted over 110 vehicles - the largest show yet.

As in prior years, the show attracted a number of rare and unusual vehicles, including a BSA Scout coupé de luxe (above), and Norman Crisp's 'Reaper' campervan, based on a hearse and complete with a working kitchen in the pull-out casket - as featured on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces.

Third place went to Matt Potts' Mirage GT, production of which is planned to be brought to the Oswestry/Wrexham area. Vic Morris scooped second place with his fine Ford Model A of 1929. The show winner was Steve Hazelwood, who collected the now traditional handmade trophy for his immaculate 1961 Vauxhall Cresta (above).

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