17 July 2017

Gumball, Rallied

Bought from a yard sale in Morgantown, Indiana, this XYZ Vending Bulk-PRO triple-head gumball machine is not as old as originally imagined. XYZ Vending was founded in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2003, and closed in 2009. But for $8 one can't go far wrong.

The cabinet was separated into three parts and the kinks hammered out. It was rubbed down with steel wool, sprayed with two coats of epoxy primer, and then with a number of coats of red lacquer. New cam locks were fitted to the lid, through which the machine is filled, and to the rear door, through which the quarters are collected.

The triple volume-control and delivery wheel mechanism was stripped down, scrubbed, disinfected, and put through the dishwasher. The metal springs and screws were cleaned-up with a brass wire brush as the mechanism was reassembled.

Each of the three coin mechanisms was cleaned and greased. The brightwork was brought back to life with the aid of fine steel wool. Scratches to the polycarbonate windows were reduced with judicious use of car polish, the 25¢ labels carefully preserved. A pipe stand was sourced, stripped and sprayed gloss black. Just gumballs to add.

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