27 January 2017

Enniskillen - Eulerian Bridges

Located between the Upper and Lower parts of Lough Erne, Enniskillen is an island town, the only one in Ireland. There are eight bridges. Each vertex of the network of these has an even degree. It is thus possible to make an Eulerian walk, crossing each bridge once only, to return to one's start point. Built in 1885, West Bridge is the oldest.

Working clockwise, to the north-east of the island is Johnston Bridge, completed in 1954. This is in two sections (above and below), linked by Cherry Island. The bridge was strengthened in 2015-16.

Queen Elizabeth Bridge, also of 1954, relieves the adjoining East Bridge.

East Bridge dates from 1892. Its eastern end intersects with that of Queen Elizabeth Bridge.

South of this is the modern Wellington Road Bridge, which carries the A4 bypass.

The two bridges to the south of the island are modern footbridges. The first of these crosses to the Erneside shopping centre. It was installed in 1989.

The second, Millennium Bridge, joins the island to the Derrychara area.

Finally, Castle Bridge was completed in 1983 to provide relief to the nearby West Bridge. It carries the other end of the A4 bypass.

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