14 March 2016

Echo of an Ekco

The cabinet of Ekco's AC-only AC77, designed by Serge Chermayeff, was available in both walnut Bakelite, and black Bakelite with a front panel and controls in ivory urea formaldehyde. Also available were AC/DC (AD77), battery (B67) and accumulator/vibrator (BV67) versions.

This working example of the black and ivory AC77 is doubly rare, in that it was manufactured, in 1936, at Ekco's short-lived Belgian factory, in Haren, near Brussels. Accordingly, the set uses French side-contact valves.

The Belgian operation was started in 1935 to counter the effect of continental import duties, levied by weight, but closed in 1937 for economic reasons. A sales and service function remained at Haren until the start of WWII. The back is branded differently from Southend-on-Sea-built Ekcos.

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