08 October 2014

Neon Dreams

This vintage neon advertising sign came from a radio and television retailer and rental shop in Leeds. House and Sons is understood to have been quite a large concern, with six shops at its height. The illuminated part of the sign is about 16 inches wide by nine inches high. The contacts of the tube simply rest in cylindrical holders on top of the transformer, unlikely to meet current safety standards.

The Parmeko P2626 Luminous Tube Transformer has an iron core, embedded in asphalt to reduce noise, and is thus very heavy for its size. The output is 4,000 volts, 18 milliamps, more than enough to kill through even dry skin. Parmeko was founded as Partridge and Mee Ltd in 1927, in Leicester. The company name was changed in 1935. Parmeko went into administration in 2013.

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