13 April 2014

April Fools' Car Show 2014

The third running of the April Fools' Car Show, held at Canal Central in Maesbury Marsh, Shropshire, featured everything from the agricultural to the seriously exotic. The above McCormick Farmall, a brand of America's International Harvester, is a row-cropper, built in France, and looked very fine in its new paint.

From Telford came a lovely Jensen FF. Built between 1966 and 1971, the Jensen Ferguson Formula was the first production car to feature four wheel drive - from Ferguson Research Ltd - and anti-lock brakes, the Dunlop Maxaret system, and is five inches longer than its sister Interceptor. Placed third in show.

Show winner was a stunning 1947 Jaguar Mark IV 3½ litre cabriolet. The 3½ litre was introduced in 1938. This example has a very unusual two-door body, all the panel and mechanical work undertaken by its owner. This year's steam came in the form of a 1924 Clayton and Shuttleworth road roller, Ironside.

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