29 September 2013

Satellite Television

At its Foot Cray factory, Kolster-Brandes made televisions alongside radios. Trading on its long association with Cunard, KB gave a number of its TV sets the name Royal Star. The 17-inch PVP20 model is a classic of 1950s colouration and Sputnik-inspired design -  lilac-grey wrap-around wood fibre cabinet, salmon mask, white urea formaldehyde controls, gold trim, and bright red feet. When first sold in 1958 the set cost £61 19s 0d including purchase tax.

1 comment:

kllrchrd4 said...

goodness.... thats the tv we had !!

so thats how much my parents must have paid for it and the year I was born .....

its a v sexy piece of gear.