11 August 2013

Farmer Phil's - Tanks on the Lawn

Held each year since 1998 at Ratlinghope (pronounced "Ratchup"), 15 miles south of Shrewsbury, is Farmer Phil's Festival. The festival attracts about 3,000 people, some of whom arrive in style. Above is a 1964 Bedford CA Dormobile Romany.

Up a notch scale-wise is a 1953 ex-MOD Austin K9 tipper, towing a vintage caravan. Farmer Phil Harding wins out though, with a 55 ton Chieftain main battle tank.

Altogether more ethereal is the display of inflatable kites. The larger of these - the newt is a good 25 feet long - are hoisted into the air with the assistance of a lifter kite.

On a windy day the kites demand tethering using rope rated to 1,000 pounds - the sort of thing used to land giant tuna or marlin.

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