19 July 2013

Anything That Goes Car Show

Hosted annually by the Whitchurch Motor Club, and held at the Blue Bell Inn, Tushingham, near Whitchurch, the Anything That Goes Car Show this year attracted over 120 vehicles.

Naturally, given the nature of the club, a member of the Motor Sports Association, very many of the cars are campaigned, and there were, thus, a good number of Ford Escorts on show (top).

Seen far less often is the Simca 1000 Rallye (second photo) and the Hillman Avenger Tiger Mk2 of 1972, in Sundance yellow, a real Ford Escort Mexico killer.

Most brutal was a MG Metro 6R4 (six cylinders, rally car, four wheel drive), introduced in 1984. The works car produced an immense 410 bhp. Group B rally cars were banned at the end of 1986. The 6R4 moved into rally-cross, turbo-charged to a mad 600 to 700 bhp.

A great variety of non-racing machinery was also on display, including an early Ford Mustang (above) and a Ford Lincoln Mercury Monterey Marquis, a car that somehow manages to be a block longer than its name.

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