05 May 2013

April Fools' Car Show - in May

The 2013 April Fools' Car Show, again hosted at Canal Central, Maesbury Marsh, was rescheduled to May due to snow on 1 April. The sun brought out over fifty vehicles, of great diversity. Particularly cute was a 1971 VW campervan, towing a Heinkel Trojan bubble car, in Cadbury's trademarked (for chocolate) purple.

There were some real rarities, including a Morris Marina 1.3 estate, a lovely Peugeot 304S cabriolet, and a pair of steam vehicles - a Stanley steam car and a Super-Sentinel DG4 steam waggon, built in Shrewsbury in 1931.

Exotica included a unique special-edition Bentley Arnage Mulliner Black Label, a Ferrari F430, and the pair of gentlemen's expresses pictured above - an Aston Martin DB5 and a Jensen FF (Ferguson Formula), the first road-going production car equipped with four wheel drive.

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