17 December 2012

Golf Bravo November Kilo Sierra

The Cessna 152 two-seater is, in essence, built to a design of half a century ago, based as it is on the Cessna 150, production of which commenced in 1958. The 152, introduced in 1977, has a largely aluminium airframe, permanently deployed tricycle landing gear, and an air-cooled Lycoming engine, the four horizontally opposed pistons of which develop about 110 horsepower.

Most were built in Wichita, Kansas. Production ended in 1985, about 7,500 having been turned out. By far the majority are dual control: the aircraft is widely used for training purposes, but is also ideal for short-haul personal flights. G-BNKS was built in 1979, and is based at Sleap Airfield, Shropshire.

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