26 May 2012


Barmouth, on the north-west coast of Wales, may be tacky, full as it is of shops selling seaside tat, faux hippy emporia, and tattoo parlours, but the light there can be spectacular, and one can soon leave behind those who don't like to get too far away from a burger joint.

The name of the boat at top, Buey 2, is pronounced the way American English (and modern French) pronounces the buoy in the foreground, and that in the second photograph. The word is of Old French or Middle Dutch origin.


abijsmith said...

Love these photographs! Did you go in the sea?

Frank's Trailer Works said...

pronounced like the knife that settled the West, the Bowie knife?

YMGW said...

And don't start on the whole David Bowie / David Bowie conundrum!