19 March 2012

TV Times

The LV20 was introduced by Pye in 1949, just three years after television broadcasts were re-commenced in Britain. A full nine inches of entertainment.

The same screen size but a world away design-wise, Bush’s TV22, released in June 1950, is a Bakelite icon. Although cheaper than a set in a wooden cabinet, at 42 guineas including purchase tax it still represented a significant outlay. This was the first set the owner could tune to one of five BBC 'channels.' These were regional transmitting stations, the two of 1950 plus three more operational by 1953. Commercial television arrived in September 1955, on an entirely different frequency band.


Frank's Trailer Works said...

wow, those are the coolest TV's I have ever seen. I would actually allow a TV like that in my Airstream. I do not need another hobby, please refrain from showing me things like this!!!!

YMGW said...

Tested working and fed via a standards converter, a TV22 would indeed look good in an Airstream (or a Silver Streak!) There are lots of lovely Bakelite and Catalin radios in the States too. Go on, you know you want to!

abijsmith said...

What was its width?