07 October 2011

Triumph Dolomite 1500 SE

At 32 years' old and given Leyland's reputation for patchy build quality using dodgy steel, that the Dolomite passed its MOT is pleasing. FGU 417V was likely saved by its immediate post-build application of Cadulac rust-proofing. With new rear tyres, replaced indicator flasher unit, and adjustment of the handbrake cable, she's good to go.

Introduced in 1979, just 2,163 SEs were produced. You could have it in any colour and options scheme you desired, as long as your choice was black paint, full-length silver stripe, front spoiler, and Spitfire-type wheels. They all have burr walnut door caps and dashboard, grey velour seats, and grey carpet.

The DVLA cites just 36 remaining examples. Of those, only a dozen are understood to be running around. If you have a 1500 SE, please drop YMGW an email with your name, location, car registration, and some information about whether it's on the road.


YMGW said...

A compression test revealed pretty consistent results of 150 to 155 psi per cylinder. Not bad for an engine that's done 97,000 miles.

Anonymous said...

I had a 1500se and I loved it. Reg was DDT 196V. It was my favourite ever car, sadly it cost so much to fix every year at mot time that I had to let it go. I would love to know if it survived but I fear the worst. Great to see there are still a few fantastic examples left though.

YMGW said...

Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately DDT 196V is not included in the list of extant 1500 SEs maintained on the Triumph Dolomite Club forum.