30 July 2011

Snailbeach - Home

Mining companies generally didn't provide accommodation for miners and their families. However, the landowners, in this case the Marquis of Bath and the Earl of Tankerville, encouraged 'squatting' on their land, as they could then, without the expense of building, secure rent from their workers.

Traditionally, if a stone chimney could be built between sunrise and sunset and be in use before nightfall, then the cottage could be completed. Most were sited in small enclosures, by springs that rose above the level of the mine workings. These, at Blakemoorgate (originally Bleakmoorgate) have been rebuilt by English Nature.

Nearby Lordshill Baptist Chapel was built in the 1870s. The Marquis would not allow a non-conformist chapel on his land, so this was built just over the 'border', on the Earl's. The adjoining house was occupied until recently by a lady in her 90s, unharmed by lack of all the services nowadays taken for granted.

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