18 February 2011

Planes, Trains, Boats & Automobiles

Amos Bell of Pool Quay has an Interceptor SP (six pack), LPH 500K, very smart in Porsche Guards Red with a black vinyl roof. Amos previously had an Interceptor II in Germany when flying helicopters for the RAF. He has some wonderful photographs of the Jensen in the back of a Chinook - with bags of room to spare!

At Canal Central, Fiona has a Citroën 2CV Dolly, apparently one of only six hundred in grey and cream livery, made for export to the UK - most are red and white. In the adjoining shed is Peter Clare's 10¼" gauge Canadian Pacific Hudson Class 4-6-4 live steam locomotive. This was designed and built between 1937 and 1941 by one Perry Routledge, ex-CP locomotive engineer; and first shown at the Vancouver Exhibition of 1941.

Mr Routledge died in 1960, and the locomotive was last in steam in that decade. Peter brought it to the UK in 2004, since when it has been restored. A new boiler was recently pressure-tested, and the aim is to have the locomotive operational once again this summer. It is capable of what must be a rather scary 50mph.

In yet another shed are two Russell and Newbery marine engines, shipped back from Canada. R&N was formed in 1909, in Altrincham, producing generators and lighting sets for grand houses in the days before the national grid. R&N built its own engines, originally petrol and petrol/paraffin. In the late 1920s it expanded into diesel units, and in the early 1930s it was R&N diesels that were installed in the new narrowboats of the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company Ltd.

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