28 January 2011

The Beast is Back

The Beast of West Bromwich is undergoing various works to ready it for its MOT. Done to date: ignition switch and hazard lights toggle switch replaced; radiator drained, repeatedly flushed, and refilled; bottom hose replaced; wheels removed and chassis, spring hangers, springs, bearings and rack all inspected okay; brake disks and calipers inspected okay; steering gaiters replaced. Road test served up no significant problems.

Still to be done ahead of test: replace full suite of brake pads; tension handbrake; bandage two exhaust leaks just below manifolds; square up steering wheel; fix nearside door catch; free offside seatbelt tensioner; replace a couple of grease nipples.

After (hopefully successful) MOT: adjust automatic choke and cold fast idle; replace battery with one of greater cranking amperage; reset bonnet release; overhaul fans. Beyond that work can commence on the interior: re-dye and feed leather; fix interior lamps; and so on ... a Sisyphean project.


abijsmith said...

She's a big mamma!

YMGW said...

She certainly is. That she's a handful is part of the driving experience.

YMGW said...

Update: new brake pads all round, manifold to exhaust gaskets replaced, steering adjusted, seatbelt freed, three grease nipples replaced; MOT passed, with just one advisory!

stevie said...

Well done on the MOT! The Beast is very cool. how long have you had her?