11 July 2010

Llynclys - Steam Under Collars

Shades of The Life of Brian's People's Front of Judea, Judean People's Front, Judean Popular People's Front, and Campaign for a Free Galilee. The Cambrian Railways Society was formed in 1972 but signally failed to make progress with bringing back to life the line between Gobowen and Blodwel. The rival Cambrian Railways Trust, formed in 1998, set about being more business-like, and accordingly secured funds to acquire the trackbed between Llynclys and Pant.

The Trust carried its first passengers in 2005, and built a replica of Llynclys South station. The feuding societies eventually combined in 2009 as Cambrian Heritage Railways. In the yard is a diesel locomotive, a shunter, and a variety of interesting architectural pieces. One of these is a roof vent from the Cambrian Institute, built in 1909 as a social club for Oswestry's railway workers, but unfortunately demolished 98 years later. Close by is Llynclys Cottage, which boasts a fine circular window, made by the previous owner.

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