13 March 2010

Corrugations II: Canal Central

Owned and operated by Fiona MacDonald and Iain Campbell, Canal Central is another (YMGW passim) building with corrugations (in this case of the roof) in Maesbury Marsh that's worthy of a mention. The building, partly inspired by the nearby barn and rather reminiscent of a Scandinavian chalet, is designed to be eco-friendly and has a fine wood exterior.

Hard by the Montgomery Canal, Canal Central provides services, including web access, for boaters as well as more static customers. There is a well-stocked village shop, holiday accommodation upstairs, and a comfortable tearoom. One can sit inside or out, including if one chooses in the mobile 'seating wagon,' which takes its design cues from a railwaymen's lineside hut.

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abijsmith said...

Would be my ideal house (but somewhere warm!)