19 February 2010

Whixall, 'twixt Wem & Whitchurch

Between Wem and Whitchurch is the widely spread village of Whixall. It is, despite its small population, one of the largest parishes in England. Water defines the place, that in the Shropshire Union Canal, on which lies Whixall Marina, and that in the surrounding mosses. Together, the Fenn's, Whixall, Bettisfield, Wem and Cadney Mosses form Britain's third largest lowland peat bog, and are home to a wide range of acid-tolerant flora, including 92 mosses and liverworts. Funghi addicts come here in autumn to hunt edible mushrooms. The back lanes are punctuated by numerous farmyards, each of which seems to be home to an interesting old tractor, truck or piece of 'junk.'


Jess said...

Thank you Richard for letting everyone know what a great place Whixall is!!!

Matt Brooks said...

Hi Richard,
Was browsing through the web and found some pics regarding a restoration project for a H van like yours. The link is

There are only a few pictures but it looks like he has done a great job so far.



RLT said...

Hi Richard,
I've put your blog in Google Reader which is worth fooling around with. Managed to put reader shortcut in toolbar of Google Chrome browser.
Txs to Matt for pointing out the H van project.
Looking forward to the gearbox go!