24 January 2010

Arrival of the K9

Maisy, who appears to be a cross between a Jack Russell and a corgi (and maybe a bit of chihuahua or dachshund), with supersized ears and very long toes, arrives at her new home. Unfortunately, her previous owners could no longer keep her because of a restriction in their tenancy agreement. As is natural, she's quite disorientated, yet very quickly makes friends. She's very inquisitive, and like all JRs loves a game of tug. It will obviously take her a while to settle in and relax, but the signs are pretty positive thus far - she seems readily adaptable.


Lucas Family Blog said...

She is lovely,hope Maisy is settling in with a few days under her collar now! Have to ask why two phone boxes? I spent many happy hours in the phone box at the end of my parents road. Always seemed like a place of my own, I recall feeling cross if anyone actually wanted to use it! When I visit now and drive past the green where the phone box used to stand I feel sad that it is no longer there. I wonder where the kids go now?

abijsmith said...

AHHHHHH! She's a cutey!